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With the COVID19 Pandemic, we have witnessed a rapid growth in the Online Business side, even people who never used online shopping sites, they are now part of the online shoppers community. On the other hand Scammers found great deal of unexperienced online shoppers to rip off.

Scammers use Websites Scams the most to attract shoppers, creating top items with incredible discounts that most of unexperienced users fall for.

most people getting these kind of offers in form of advertisement, pop ups or even receiving marketing emails.

We always use common sense to identify scam posts! an item that’s usually sells for $700 would never be offered for $10.

We depend on you, Security Professionals,  Victims, Regular users…

Please Share with us your story, any form of scam that you experienced, best practices and anything you think that would help our online comunity, so that everyone can benefit from it.