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Technology evolution offers flexibility that makes it easy for people to perform their job with lots of convenience.

VoIP is one of these Technologies that changed the way the telephone system operating, offering the ability to have your landline phone following you wherever you go.

Traditional phones are still used for phishing scams, but they don’t compare to the efficiency VoIP affords, which allows attackers to target victims all over the globe at a fraction of the cost.

Other than traditional phones and email phishing scams, cyber criminals are resorting to VoIP scamming due to its cost-efficiency. Vishing scammers are sneaky and resourceful, and they will exhaust all possible means to attack your systems for profit — that includes your VoIP channels.

Scammers are taking advantage of this and using this Technology their way! Most of them calling from overseas with a US number, pretending calls from IRS, Insurance, debt collection, you name it… targeting unexperienced people who easily fall for this.

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